Wholesale Info

This page provides basic information for retailers about Chicaoji and Waugh Enterprises LLC.

Wholesale Prices/ Free Delivery*

Full case has 12 bottles.

*Free delivery to wholesale customers for orders $60 and over to WA, OR, ID, and Northern CA.
Please ask your distributor to carry Chicaoji.
If your store is outside the free delivery zone, I will share the cost of shipping with you 50/50.

  • 1.7 oz- $24 per case/ SRP per bottle-$3……..UPC- 7 0510511783 6
  • 5 oz- $60 per case/ SRP per bottle-$7……..UPC- 7 0510511763 8
  • 12 oz- $102 per case/ SRP per bottle-$12……UPC- 7 0510511773 7
  • 12 oz- $51 per ½ case.
  • ½ gallon Growler- $37 / SRP-$52

Ordering and contact info

      • Order by email: chicaoji@nullgmail.com
      • Order by phone/fax: 360-468-4372
      • Speak clearly when you leave a message on the phone. Please say your phone number twice so I am sure to get it. Phones, particularly cell phones, sometimes garble messages.

Billing address:
Waugh Enterprises LLC
POB 691
Lopez Island, WA 98261
UBI– 602 964 333

Shipping address:
Waugh Enterprises LLC
1008-C Dill Road
Lopez Island, WA 98261


Chicaoji is a certified organic shelf stable medium-heat vegan sauce made with Kosher, gmo free, and gluten free ingredients. Chicaoji is raw except for the chipotles which are smoked at 165˚F and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The ingredients (in descending order by weight):

  1. Raw & unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  2. Water
  3. Raw dried goji berries
  4. Chipotles
  5. Raw agave nectar
  6. Celtic Sea Salt
  7. Raw cacao nibs
That’s it: no other ingredients.
Chicaoji’s ingredients are organic, vegan, gluten free, and raw (except the chipotles).  Organic and kosher certification documents available by request. We are in the process of obtaining organic and kosher certifications for Chicaoji itself.
  • The WSDA approves Chicaoji as a “SHELF STABLE HOT SAUCE”
  • Made in a certified organic facility on Lopez Island, WA.
  • Each bottle is batch numbered to facilitate recall, if necessary.
  • Waugh Enterprises LLC is licensed in the State of Washington with the product liability insurance required for retail sale nationwide.
  • Over 130 stores and restaurants provide Chicaoji.
I created Chicaoji guided by the idea that food is medicine. All the ingredients were selected with this concept in mind.
Chicaoji’s very complex flavor combines with a great diversity of foods as a condiment and ingredient in recipes. My goal is to provide a healthy and nutritious food that adds delicious flavor to anything.

The smoky chipotle heat accents rather than dominates. A wide range of customers like Chicaoji including some who typically “don’t like spicy foods”.
Customers who know that food is medicine instantly recognize Chicaoji is nutritional and beneficial.


      • I offer free bottles of Chicaoji to facilitate in-store sampling.
      • Temporary price reductions for in-store specials, promotions, monthly flyers, and coupons, and etc.
      • Shelf talkers.
      • Beautiful wooden Point of Sale displays.
The Chicaoji bottles: 1.7, 5 ,12 and 64 oz Growler.
The Chicaoji bottles: 1.7, 5 ,12 and 64 oz Growler.


Thank you for considering Chicaoji Chipotle Chile Sauce for your customers. I am confident your customers will appreciate your bringing Chicaoji into your store.

Randall Waugh, Owner