Brandon’s Breakfast Eggs on Toast with Chicaoji

Thank you for providing such a lovely product over these years! Thank you for the information, I truly had no idea I could get my favorite sauce here in Everett! [Sno-Isle Food Co-op] Thank you for letting me know, I will check it out there next time!

I have been enjoying chicaoji for quite some time now… roughly 6-8 years or so now. I first found out about Chicaoji at a local market on Lopez Island some years back, and I believe it was you that sold it to me 🙂

Typically, I use chicaoji on my egg recipes or chicken recipes. My favorite breakfast to make for myself and my wife is as follows:

-1 piece of toast
-small layer of cream cheese
-a few cut cherry tomatoes
-sprinkle sunflower seeds
-various greens mix of lettuce
-2 eggs over easy/medium on top
-chicaoji sauce drizzled to liking


-1 piece of toast
-layer of lightly fried ham
-cheese (cheddar or pepperjack)
-2 eggs over easy/medium on top
-dollup of sour cream
-sliced avocado
-chicaoji sauce drizzled to liking

Perhaps you will try them and see what you think!