The Artist of Chicaoji: Brenna Jael Nies

Brenna is an amazingly creative artist who lives here on Lopez Island. She paints signs, binds and writes books, draws a cartoon blog.  She just opened a book bindery on Lopez Island. She created the familiar Chicaoji “drop” logo currently featured on the labels. Like this:

Chicaoji 5 oz bottle
Chicaoji 5 oz bottle

She also created the Chicaoji meso-american glyph. Brenna is a student of meso-american art and, in particular, the pictoral language of the cultures in the region we call Central America. Her Chicaoji glyph profoundly captures an essence of Chicaoji in a way that I find difficult to describe. It is for all practical purposes the Chicaoji “logo” and I use it for everything from T-shirts to letterheads.

Notice that each component/ingredient of Chicaoji is incorporated into the image. With this glyph, Brenna has captured  so much of what I am trying to express when I say that Chicaoji is a Gathering of the Healing Tribes.

Chicaoji Meso-American glyph
Chicaoji Meso-American glyph.

She and Karla Lillestol also made the amazing 2013 Chicaoji Calendar this Winter. They made these on one of those old timey one page/one color at a time printing presses that actually presses the text and images into the paper. They made and numbered 100 of these calendars. I have a few left at Chicaoji Central. They cost only $12 and all proceeds go to artists. You can also buy them on my online ordering system and Brenna’s Etsy website.

The 2013 Chicaoji Calendar
This 2013 Chicaoji calendar was made by hand on an old fashioned letter press by Karla Lillestol and Brenna Nies

Visit Brenna’s website:   She has an Etsy site with a lot of cool art to choose from.

This is from her web site:

for the past 3+ years, i’ve been publishing my autobiographical comix on blogspot; it’s an almost-daily hand-drawn journal that’s updated once or twice monthly. it’s personal and inane, but i keep getting feedback telling me to keep going, so i do.  i’m new to the medium, so it feels like a simple and good way to keep practicing.

released in autumn 2011: kuntri gurl comix presents: “don’t you have anything better to do?”  an all new mini-comic-zine, available in my Etsy shop, BBearproductions.  an entertaining read for only $3.50!
also available in the same locations, kuntri gurl ‘zine #1, “comix new & old”

comix blog:

‘zines for sale:

I do not have words to describe how honored I am to have Brenna’s art included in the Chicaoji adventure.