Chicaoji is Back in production…

but temporarily out of stock.

There’s a story behind this disruption in supply is provided on the Store page

Online ordering is temporarily unavailable.

I’m going to leave the webpage alone from here on down for now….

Chicaoji News!

Production has resumed on Lopez Island after a much needed hiatus. There are a few changes we want to bring to your attention.

  1. Chicaoji is now heat processed. The website still says “raw” in places but we’re working to update it.
  2. The ingredients remain certified organic but we let our organic certification expire.
  3. We have ½ gallon (64 oz) Growlers and 12 oz bottles,

Is it different?

It tastes the same but pours better.

Alas, it’s not raw. This will come as a disappointment to some but we hope that many others will be happy to have Chicaoji on their food which, after all, is usually cooked.

Chicaoji Sauce uniquely features a blend of Goji berries and Cacao with smoky Chipotles

Vegan, gluten free, GMO free and certified organic

Versatile condiment and ingredient  for
Sauces, Marinades, Dips & Spreads

Chicaoji makes good food taste better!

Great ingredients mean great taste

The unique combination of ingredients add great flavor to almost any food.

  • Sweet and tangy goji berries balance the chocolate-ty bitterness of cacao.
  • Tart apple cider vinegar compliments the sweet agave nectar.
  • Smoky chipotles heat things up just enough.
  • Sea salt weaves together all the flavors.

Chicaoji is sweet, sour, salty, bitter, sweet, and spicy; all the flavors with medium heat.

What’s it all about

I believe food is medicine. I selected Chicaoji’s ingredients because they are delicious, nutritious and have well recognized health benefits. I created Chicaoji with the help of friends and neighbors at the Vortex Juice Bar and Café here on Lopez Island, Washington and we continue to make it in small batches on the island.

I also invented the name:

CHIpotle, caCAO, and goJI= CHICAOJI

Say “chee – KOW – jee”