Save the glass from the Solid Waste Transfer Station

Save the glass we dump every week for future generations.

Pure silica is a treasure. Creating pure glass requires a lot of energy. Glass is so cheap now because energy is cheap. The day will come when manufacturing glass costs too much. We dump many tons of glass bottles every week into recycling bins and it all just goes away…..somewhere. Once silica sand is purified into glass it becomes much easier to use for creating useful items.

We have an opportunity to do a little provisioning for the future generations. Let us sort this glass by color, crush it, and stockpile it somewhere, anywhere. We can fill up low places, back fill old quarries or gravel pits, even create land forms. An example of  a proactive use: create terraces on sloping ground to create more useful places for growing food, building homes, or roads.

It’s just silica….pure sand…. one of the more common elements. Life will grow over the top of it. And in some some distant day one of our descendants might just discover a mother lode of pure silica and go into the glass blowing business. OK. Sorting by color does add some complexity and expense up front (for this generation) but imagine what a treasure a mine of pure clear glass could be in 300 years.

Chicaoji Shrimp Sandwich With Avocado On Baguette

by Noel McKeehan

I eat these for breakfast during the part of the year – May to September – when fresh caught Oregon cocktail shrimp are available.  The frozen ones available at other times are invariably a disappointment.  This creation came into existence via a time honored personal channel.  “The Voice” spoke to me.  It said something like, “…damn that Chicaoji is good.  I’ll bet it would be great mixed with some Best Foods mayonnaise (Julia Child specified Best Foods mayonnaise as the accompaniment to go with the Dungeness crab in the menu for her request for her last meal) and mixed with some shrimp.  It happened I was eating a baguette when the voice spoke these words, so it was natural that I would decide to put the mix on a baguette.  The avocado came about because I can’t eat anything without an avocado being part of it.



Best Food Mayonnaise

Fresh Oregon Shrimp

Ripe Avocado



Mix some Chicaoji in a bowl with some mayonnaise.  Add the shrimp and mix.  Split the baguette and spread the shrimp mix on the bread.  Add slices of avocado.  Put the top piece of bread in place.  Stand back and admire your handy work.  When eating it have a salad fork at the ready to replace shrimp and avocado that squirt out the sides, and have lots of napkins.  A Bloody Mary is the official alcoholic accompaniment if you desire to indulge in such a thing.  See my youtube video on that subject to assure that the Bloody Mary meets offficial McKeehan standards for that drink. Or you can click on the Bloody Mary tab in this recipes section. The movie is more entertaining.


A few drops of Chicaoji can make a bowl of water into nourishing soup;  a pleasant addition to any variation on “Stone Soup.” I don’t think it matters what kind of soup you have, a bit of Chicaoji can be a nice complement to the flavor.