Chicaoji is a unique flavor blend of Goji berries and Cacao with smoky Chipotles.

Ingredients are organic, vegan, gluten & GMO free, and (mostly) raw.

Ideal for Sauces ~ Marinades ~ Dips & Spreads

A great Compliment to Eggs, Pork, Seafood, Root Vegetables & More

Adds Verve to Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes

Chicaoji makes good food taste better!

Great ingredients mean great taste

Chicaoji’s unique combination of flavors registers across the entire palate. Sweet and tangy goji berries balance the right bitterness of cacao. Tart apple cider vinegar compliment’s agave nectar’s sweetness. Smoky chipotles heat things up jest enough while Celtic Sea Salt™ weaves all the flavor together.

What’s it all about

I believe food is medicine. I selected Chicaoji’s ingredients because of their long recognized health benefits. But they’re not just nutritional—they’re delicious!

Chicaoji was developed with the help of friends and neighbors at the Vortex Juice Bar and Café here on Lopez Island, WA and we continue to make it by hand in small batches at Chicaoji Central.

Once Chicaoji was created, it needed a name. I sat down with the ingredients, separated the words “chipotle,” “cacao” and “goji,” and “Chicaoji” was born, a brand new name for a brand new taste!

CHIpotle, caCAO, and goJI= CHICAOJI

Say “chee – KOW – jee”